Affiliate Program FAQ

General Information

1. Who Can Become a StockForceOne Affiliate?

2. Do I Need to Be a StockForceOne Client to Become an Affiliate?

3. How Do I Join the Affiliate Program?

4. How Do I Create My Affiliate Link?

Commissions and Payments

1. How Much Commission Do I Get for Each Referred Customer?

For every referral of Managed WordPress Hosting, you earn both:
1.1 A 50% commision on all sales for subscriptions and courses.
1.2 A 10% recurring commission paid every month for the lifetime of every subscribing customer. The 10% is calculated out of the plan’s monthly fee (discounts applied).

When Will I Get Paid?

Once the balance of your approved commissions (both one-time and recurring) is more than 50.00 EURO, your commissions are eligible for payment and will be automatically included in the next payment round. Payments are made via PayPal between the 15th and 20th of each month.

Will I Really Get the Recurring Commission Forever?

Yes. You’ll receive recurring commissions for the lifetime of the customer. We only stop paying the recurring commission if the referred customer cancels their StockForceOne subscriptions.

What are the Commission Payment Methods?

In order to receive your commissions you will need a Stripe or a PayPal account.

General Information

Am I Allowed to Run Paid Ads?

We don’t have any objections if you run paid ads to drive traffic to a page on your site that contains a StockForceOne affiliate link.

Can I Buy a Plan on Behalf of a Customer?