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The discounted price for the “US30 Trading Secrets” course will be available until the launch date 01.05.2024, after this date the course will be available at a price of 1199 Euro.

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Do you want to increase your trading skills and become a successful investor? Learn the secrets of the financial market and discover advanced trading strategies with the help of our experts at StockForceOne!

What is included in “US30 Trading Secrets”:

Introduction to the US30: An overview of the history, composition and importance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average index. How companies are selected and their impact on the index.

Market Fundamentals: Understanding the economic factors that influence US30, including Federal Reserve monetary policy, corporate earnings reports, geopolitical events, and economic indicators (e.g., unemployment, inflation).

Advanced Technical Analysis: Application of technical analysis specific to US30 trading, including the study of price patterns, technical indicators and trading volume. Interpretation of buy or sell signals based on complex chart patterns.

Trading Strategies for US30: Develop trading strategies tailored to US30 volatility and trends. Day trading, swing trading and positioning strategies, including when to enter and exit the market.

Risk Management: Learning advanced methods of risk management in US30 trading, such as setting risk/reward ratios, using stop-loss/take-profit orders and hedging techniques.

Trading Psychology: Addressing the psychological aspects of trading, such as managing emotions and expectations, and developing trading discipline.

Using Leverage: Understanding and applying leverage in US30 trading, including the associated risks and how to minimize them.

Trading Platforms and Tools: showcasing the preferred trading platforms for US30, including tutorials for using advanced analysis and trading tools.

Regulatory and Tax: A discussion of the legal and tax issues relevant to trading US30, especially for non-US traders.

Simulations and Real-Time Analysis: Simulated trading sessions and real-time market analysis to practice and implement strategies learned.

Trade Planning and Trading Log: Learning the importance of planning each trade and maintaining a trading log to track performance and identify areas for improvement.

Techniques for educating and learning stock market trading: short practical guide and what you need to assimilate the knowledge faster.

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