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The reduced price for the “OPTIONS TRADING” course will be available until the launch date 01.05.2024, after this date the course will be available at a price of 1199 Euro.

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Do you want to increase your trading skills and become a successful investor? Learn the secrets of the financial market and discover advanced trading strategies with the help of our experts at StockForceOne!

What is included in “Options Trading”:

1. Fundamentals of Options

– What are the options?

– Call vs. Put

– Basic terminology (Strike Price, Expiry, Premium etc.)

2. How Options Work

– Mechanics of an options transaction

– Reading an options quote

– Exercising options

Basic Principles of Options Trading

3. Assessment of Options

– The Black-Scholes model

– Greeks in options trading (Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho)

– Volatility: implied vs. historical

4. Basic Options Trading Strategies

– Buying Calls and Puts

– Selling Calls and Puts

– Protective Put and Covered Call

Advanced Strategies

5. Spread Strategies

– Bull Spread, Bear Spread

– Calendar Spread

– Butterfly Spread, Iron Condor

6. Volatility Strategies

– Straddle

– Strangle

– Volatility Skew and How to Profit from It

7. Hedge Strategies

– Hedge with options for equity portfolios

– Delta Hedging

Risk Management and Trading Psychology

8. Risk Management in Options Trading

– Setting targets and limits

– Diversification

– The importance of stop-loss

9. Trading Psychology

– Emotions vs. Strategy

– Managing stress and expectations

– Disciplines and habits of successful traders

Practice and Market Analysis

10. Technical and Fundamental Analysis for Options

– Technical indicators used in options analysis

– Impact of economic news and events

11. Building a Trading Plan

– Developing a personalised trading plan

– Trading diary: monitoring and adjusting strategies

12. Case Studies and Real Examples

– Analysis of successful and failed transactions

– Real-time market discussion and analysis

Conclusions and Additional Resources

13. Avoiding Pitfalls in Options Trading

– Common mistakes and how to avoid them

– Myths about options trading

14. Resources and Tools for the Options Trader

– Recommended software and platforms

– Books, courses and communities for lifelong learning

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